What is TRX?  (Total Resistance Exercise)TRX

The TRX is a piece of equipment that was developed by a Navy Seal so that he and his teammates could train wherever they were able: on a ship, in a hotel, at home, anywhere. The set of straps can be attached to any high point and utilized for a variety of bodyweight exercises. Most (if not all) of the exercises that can be performed on the TRX will challenge the athlete’s core strength, balance, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility.

What Exactly Is TRX All about?

From article dated 9-10-2010 Trx Training – Truth About Trx Suspension

Randy Hetrick, the originator of the TRX training program, came up with this idea because many of his Seal friends found it very difficult to exercise while deployed. Most of the time this was because of limited exercise equipment and very little room to workout.

Just imagine how challenging it’s to work out inside of a sub or in tight quarters on a ship.TRX

However, visualize a Navy Seal needing to haul around a Total Gym or some other type of exercise equipment. it’s impossible. So, Randy created a total body home gym that was made of the webbing from his parachute.

As you know, the TRX continues to be improved upon. Currently, the suspensions cables are merely straps with grips that you could attach to a pole, or fence. Several hundred workout routines can be carried out when using the TRX suspension system.

Many of these include things like push-ups, leg squats, pullups, planks and a lot more. The exact product is quite user-friendly and uncomplicated. More or less all you need to do is seize the grips and simply turn your body, leaning away from what is called the “anchor point.”

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